Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OWH Design bootcamp

I'm pausing during my Summer Card camp class to make a few cards for OWH's Design Bootcamp - Get Your Priorities straight!  Paula puts together great tutorials for us and this one teaches us how to select colors.  She's got lots of color combinations to choose from, but I used the papers that were on my craft table to make these cards:
The three colors are teal, white, and yellow. 
On this card, I used black, teal, and white.
Yesterday, I was struggling to use four colors on a card and gave up!  Three colors is much easier and less frustrating, so this will be something I'll keep in mind on future cards.
Thanks so much for the monthly class, Paula!


  1. I like that little accent of yellow a lot in your first card Erika. I agree that sticking with 3 colors in the different proportions can help simplify the design process. Sometimes it can get confusing to work with a lot of colors at once. Glad you enjoyed the July lesson. Thanks for joining in!

  2. These are beautiful!! I love the colors you chose, and the black on the last one really showcases the colors in such a lovely way! NJ on both!