Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial - Snowy Scene

Today's OWH tutorial is on making snowy scenes.  I have to admit that I was intimidated by this tutorial and I read it about 5 times before diving in and just giving it a try.
Here was my first try....umm not very successful because I failed to follow the instructions!  I didn't mask the bottom line straight and also didn't ink enough sky at the top.  Also, the three stamps don't belong together.  I don't think the dandelion stamp is an accurate winter stamp, duh!
So, I tried it again and here's my card.  Much better, but I wish I had some leaf stamps or the lovely pinecone stamps from the tutorial.  I'm going to keep my inks out for a bit and get inky with some more cards.
When my cat hang outs with me, I put on bird videos from Youtube for her to enjoy.  She bats at the screen, but gives up and is content with just watching them.  She's quite the little huntress and brings me lizards, squirrels, and birds, which is supposed to be a complement:
Thanks for all your nice comments.  I enjoy reading them!  Take care and consider giving this tutorial a try.


  1. Lovely! Isn't it fun? I love your stamps. And I am SUPER glad that I am not the only person in the world who pulls up YouTube videos for their cat. They have apps for cats too. By Friskies. Did you know? :) TFS!!!

  2. Erika, you are more brave than I. I am still afraid to try this technique. Yours came out terrific. Love It. Maybe I'll give in and try it later o this week. We'll see.