Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stretch Your Stamps - Day 3 & 4

OK - Day 3 of our online card class - Stretch Your Stamps - didn't go so well for me.  My first two attempts were bad - the card on the left is boooooring and the one on the right is just all wrong!  But, I'm not afraid to show my failed attempts:

The purple and yellow??  Yuck.  These cards were modeled after one of Kristina Werner's videos - A Year in Cards (she makes it look sooo easy).  So I tried again and embossed "thanks" this time.  It came out much better:

I also had a version where I used Staz On opaque ink that was an absolute disaster!
On to day 4....and lo and behold, Julie Ebersole shows a card using Staz On opaque ink!  Now, I've tried using this ink several times, giving up and putting it away in total frustration.

Julie showed us how to stamp the Staz On acetate using a graphic stamp and voila!  It worked!  On my first try! I am so pumped.  Here's my card using the Staz On ink:
Thank you, Julie!  I feel like you made this video in my hour of need and got me thru my Staz On ink difficulties!  Haha - I make it sound serious, but I am happy about this timely lesson.

OK.  I feel like a load  has been lifted....I won't throw my Staz On ink away now (which I had been contemplating.....)


  1. Glad you kept at it. I haven't had much luck this session but I know it will come. Or at least I hope it come. Your card is lovely.

  2. I realy like your cards they are fun and very cute....

  3. Never throw anything away until you learn how to use it! I'm glad you persisted and came up with a card you like, because once you do that, you'll press on and make LOTS of great cards that will please you! We all learn as we go, and I think you're too hard on yourself, because these are all great cards!