Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wrap It Up cartridge - Over the Hill box

Today I made the second box from the Wrap It Up cartridge - the Over the Hill box.  This is how the box looked after cutting it on my Cricut (cut at 9 inches):

I loved the way this box comes together - no glue or tape needed!  The sides of the box have a slit and one end fits perfectly into the other.  I wasn't too pleased with the trees that were part of the box option, so I cut two trees that are part of the regular button.  I had to cut them several times to figure out that a 3 1/4 inch tree would fit over the trees on the box.

After cutting out the two trees, I realized that each tree is pointed a different way!  Oops.  So here's my mistake on one end of the box with the overlapping tree going in the wrong direction!

And here's the final product.  Not my favorite look, but I did like the way the box fit together.

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  1. I like your box. I don't have that cartridge. I may have to check it out. I read your profile and my husband and son say my "problem" has gotten out of control too. LOL