Friday, February 18, 2011

Wrap It Up cartridge - Cupcake box

I just got the new Wrap It Up cartridge and couldn't wait to dig in and try it out.  I plan on cutting out every box and some of the other images and will share what I've learned on my blog.

I started on page 21 with the Cupcake images.  Here's the handbook page:

I cut out the cupcake box at 8 inches and here's how it looked after cutting (please ignore my dirty mat):

Next, I scored the box.  The image had cut lines along the edges so I knew right where to score it.  Here's the box after scoring:

I cut the cupcakes next to the Box.  These will decorate the outside of the box.  Here's how they cut:

I glued the cupcake pieces onto the box before folding it.  I cut another set of cupcakes out of yellow for contrast:

The great thing about this box is that only one side needs to be glued or taped.  I used my ATG gun to glue one of the tabbed edges on the side of the box:

Now the box was ready to be folded together.  I put the sides of the box together first:

Folded the bottom of the box by inserting the tabbed edge:

and then folded the top panels of the box.  Pretty cute!

I also cut out the phrase "Happy Birthday".  I thought one layer would be a shadow of the other, but both pieces cut out at the same size. I did layer the cupcake on one of the phrases and I'll save them for later use on card:

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post!

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