Sunday, September 2, 2012

VCMP for OWH - Challenge #9

Challenge #9 is to use a neglected tool and I chose stickers.  It's really not a tool, but I've got plenty of them sitting in boxes, unused for years.  I remember when that's all we had to embellish our pages years ago and now I don't think to use them at all.
I found these Creative Memories fall stickers and used them against neglected CM paper.  I embossed the sentiment with Distress Ink Walnut Stain. 
I guess I'm getting tired because my card is crooked!  I'm going to throw another card like this together while I wait on the last challenge.  We're nearing the end!


  1. This made a lovely scene, and I totally thought your crooked card was intentional and not a bad thing. LOL

  2. Thanks for playing along with our neglected craft tool challenge. I think it's just fine that you chose stickers as your neglected item because our heroes now have one more card to mail home! And it's a super cute one! I love the fall images!