Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stamp Storage

I struggle with storage ideas.  I hunt around the internet and try one or two ideas and if it's not working, then I change it up again.  Stamps are tough for me....I don't want to collect and use tons of CD cases and prefer to look at them in a binder, but putting them in plastic sleeves for pictures wasn't working.  The stamps would fall out and make a mess.

This last weekend I went to Staples and found the Martha Stewart line of office supplies!  She's got a great line of stuff, so I went nuts.  First, I bought her red notebook ($12.99), which has a D-ring clasp - perfect for bulky items:

Then I bought a pack of 4 pocket sleeves. Each pocket measures about 5x4.25 inches.  I cut white cardstock and transparency paper for each pocket, then stuck my stamps and slid them in.  The pockets have a flap at the top, so the stamps won't slide out!  Yah - my problem solved:

I also bought a pack of 2 pocket sleeves for my big stamps and Spellbinder dies:

I think this will work for me for quite a while.  I've already got to go buy another album because my first one is getting full!  Ha ha.   I hope this helps someone solve their stamp storage issues too!

Thanks for looking.

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