Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doodlecharms Giveaway!

Holy Smokes!  What is going on at Walmart?  I went there today to pick up some things and I always go down the scrapbook aisle to see if they've lowered the prices on the old cartridges they're still trying to sell.  I went down a craft aisle and saw some cartridges on a shelf at clearance prices.  The Doodlecharms cartridge was selling for $1.00!!!  Yes - that's one buck-a-roo!  I couldn't believe it.  I bought all three of them on the shelf.  Here's my Walmart receipt:

The Sans Serif cartridge was selling for $5.00 and I bought the Celebrations for $23.00 (maybe I should've waited on that one to see if they'd go lower).  I was very happy and the checkout lady couldn't believe how low the price was too!

Anyway, I don't need three Doodlecharms cartridges - I'm going to give one to a friend that I recently converted into a Cricut lover and I thought I'd give the last one away.  Just leave me one comment on my blog with your email address.  I'll draw the winner on St Patrick's Day - Thursday, March 17th.

Thanks for playing along!  This is my first blog giveaway!

And thank-you for all the kind comments on my blog.  I'm enjoying this whole blogging thing.


  1. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm running to Walmart to see if I could get lucky like you did! wow!!!!!!!

  2. WOW you hit the jackpot!!! It was not like that at my Walmart! Congrats!

  3. What an AMAZING deal!! I'm in Canada and our prices are nowhere near that low!!
    (I don't need to be entered in your draw as I have this cartridge. It's my all time favourite. Let somebody else enjoy the prize.)

  4. I came upon your site from the Fabulous Cricut Blog Challenge and adore your Loads of Fun creation - great job! I'd love to win this cartridge and guess I better go check on my Wal-Mart deal. I thought I was the only one who always takes a trip down the craft isle for deals. Way to go!